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It's A Good Thing There Are Spiders

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Many people are seriously scared of spiders. But these creepy crawlies eat insects that harm crops and plants. They are also food for birds, frogs, and other animals. And scientists are trying to replicate spider silk, which may someday be used to bind wounds and to make bulletproof vests for the military. The well-organized chapters help students identify key details. The illustrations and text features such as captions and bold print help students navigate the text while the photographs add clarity and enable students to better understand the text.


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Australia is home to more than 2000 known species of spiders - and it is estimated that four times that number actually exist in this country waiting to be discovered! Within the ranks of Australian spiders we find some of the most uniquely interesting and skilled creatures of the animal world, along with a few potentially-deadly species and even more harmless individuals with fearsome reputations. Love them or loathe them, spiders are a part of everyday life, and this Steve Parish WILD AUSTRALIA GUIDE provides an insight into the lives of some of these often-reclusive visitors to our gardens, homes and wild places. From how to identify them and where they live, to their unique skills and behaviours, this guide lets you get up close to some of the most common Australian spiders. Who knows? You may even find some of these fascinating creatures living right under your nose.

Amazing Insects And Spiders

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Find out what makes insects and spiders amazing.


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